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Little Shucker

Little Shuckers is a contemporary seafood restaurant that truly embraces the art of oyster appreciation. With a dedication to sourcing the freshest and highest-quality oysters, we offer an exquisite dining experience where oyster lovers can indulge in the delicate flavors and unique characteristics of these ocean gems.

Q & A

Tell us about your business / restaurant:

We are a modern, all day seafood restaurant with a focus on oysters. Our wine program is centered around regions where seafood is an integral part of the culture, so we feature wines from all over the world, as well as our local and beautiful Pacific Coast

What year was it founded?

We opened early August of 2023

What’s your specialty? Best Dish? Things we should definitely order?

Raw oysters of course! But we also have a very unique baked oyster program. You can't miss the miso bone marrow set with pickled daikon and cilantro.

What makes your location unique?

Location and great local, consistent cuisine. We love the way the windows open up to Fillmore street - perfect for popping in for a glass of wine or having a full dinner with friends.

What items do you use from Crow Canyon Home?

We use the share plates in the vintage collection in black and all other plateware / beverage pitchers is the turquoise splatter.

What’s your favorite Crow Canyon Home design?

And/or favorite item? Anything in turquoise splatter! We especially love the beverage pitchers and even use some of them for flower vases.

Why is Crow Canyon enamelware great for Little Shucker?

We have ample patio seating and love the resilience of each item. The turquoise splatter is so fun and really fits our brand well. Love that it's women owned too! ;)

Photo credit: bread & Butter