Made to Last

Enamelware is made with a steel-base that’s covered by porcelain, it ranks amongst the top material for eco-friendly kitchenware. Since enamelware has natural non-stick properties, no plastic-based coating is used. All of our enamel products are food safe and tested for longevity. Even if the porcelain chips and reveal the metal underneath, it will naturally oxidise and perfectly safe to use.

Keep it circular

We put our focus on the full life cycle of our products; reusability is the key. As a starter, our enamelware are made to be multi-purposed, all meant to
be stove-to-table. Cook your meals over the open fire and the same vessel is just as fitting to be served at the table. When the time comes to upgrade, there are endless ideas to reuse your old wares, here are some inspirations!

DIY Earth Day Planters

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