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Since 1977, business has been personal for Crow Canyon – and we plan on keeping it that way. Owner Cara Barde, working alongside her own family at our Northern California small business, is focused on creating stylish, versatile and eco-friendly enamelware that connects generations.

We’ve been creating the largest selection of hand-made enamelware in the world since 1977 and helping sustainable feel effortless, functional and stylish. So it’s easy to hold on to the things that matter to your family – from recipes to traditions to stories, our enamelware is designed to make it all last.

Meet our team.

Cara Barde


Chris Barde

Owner/VP Sales

Chris Carter

Inventory Management and Planning

Amedee Ito

Director of Special Projects

Julie Baez

Director of Account Management

Maya Hogan

Senior Account Manager

Michael LeMeur

Sales Manager

Samantha Banting

Key Accounts Manager

Brooke Hunter

Brooke Hunter

Junior Account Manager

Ronnie Reynoso

Warehouse Manager

Ronell Reynoso

Assistant Warehouse Manager


Clarissa Shine

Clarissa Shine

eCommerce Manager

Mary Hubbard

Mary Hubbard

Data Admin Associate

It’s all about who you grow with.

Our partners share our goal of connecting people with sustainable, healthy meals.

We put stock in the saying, “If you’re going far, go with friends.” And creating a better food future is a journey that calls for good company – that’s why we’re proud to partner with Conscious Kitchen and Turning Green.

Conscious Kitchen is designing a new way to feed our children nutritious, tasty meals that will boost health, build school communities and encourage more climate-friendly farming.

Turning Green aims to empower students with the knowledge, resources and tools to help transform their worldview and actions from conventional to conscious.

What makes our enamelware last? Find out

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